About Us

At PrimeHort, we’re growing smarter together.

As leading distributors of horticultural and landscape supplies, we are loyal to your growth and success, it’s ours too. We understand that quality crops don’t happen by accident. Behind every success-story is innovation and a commitment to improvement - that’s our focus too. At PrimeHort, our large product range is just the beginning.

The extra-mile lies in matching our customer’s needs with dynamic, yet affordable solutions.

By understanding your requirements, we can offer outstanding service. But it also takes a dedicated team. Independent and family owned, we’ve gathered an experienced team united by a strong set of values.

Each day our promise stays the same; distribute quality products with generosity at every turn. It doesn’t matter whether it’s innovating our range, creating inspiring packaging for the shop and shopper, deleting or changing products based on your feedback, or same day dispatch before 2pm – a generous attitude sits behind everything we do. If you succeed, we do too.

Our philosophy of sourcing directly from the manufacturer means great value can be passed on to you. We’ve ditched the middleman to save you money.

For our retail customers, our brand The Gardener provides shoppers with a better choice of garden hardware – fashionable, functional, and easy to sell. Backed with our popular merchandising displays and Proven Gold warranties, The Gardener is an exciting brand to stock.

We’ve also gathered cutting-edge solutions for nursery automation, designed to increase productivity, bolster quality control, and give you an edge. Keen to discuss a customised solution? Let’s talk!

As you develop your landscape, nursery or retail business – we’ll be right here. Partnering you with expert advice, reliable solutions, and products to help you bloom…

That’s how we’ll grow smarter together.