Black Root Pouch


Our thickest and heaviest degradable fabric, making it the most durable and long lasting of the Root Pouch options. Note, when you are planting in the tree or plant in the ground permanently, please remove the pouch.
–260g/m2 Natural fibre blend
Made of recycled water bottles mixed with natural fibres such as jute and cotton, to create a fabric that, in time, will degrade and allow roots to penetrate through the fabric into the soil. The fabric does not start to break down until there is soil on BOTH sides (planted in the ground or sitting in a can yard directly on soil).

Code Desc. Type Price Qty
3-RP170 Black Root Pouch 170L with handles 69cm x 46cm $19.85
3-RP22 Black Root Pouch 22L with handles 29cm x 36cm $4.15
3-RP30 Black Root Pouch 30L with handles 35cm x 30cm $4.70
3-RP378 Black Root Pouch 378L 97cm x 51cm $25.85
3-RP39 Black Root Pouch 39L with handles 40cm x 30cm $5.70
3-RP45 Black Root Pouch 45L with handles 38cm x 40cm $6.50
3-RP56 Black Root Pouch 56L with handles 43cmx38cm $7.40
3-RP78 Black Root Pouch 78L with handles 50cm x 40cm $9.85
3-RP12 Black Root Pouch 12L with handles 25.5cm x 21.5cm $3.16