Fabric Grow Bag; Grey Root Pouch


Our utilitarial line, affordable for mass production. Available in all sizes 1 gallon to 600 gallon. Note, when you are planting the tree or plant in the ground permanently, please remove the pouch.
The grey 3–4 year fabric is ideal for nursery growers who want fabric that will hold strong and prune roots above ground, and will start to break down when planted in the ground after 3 years.
250g/m2 Natural fibre blend
–Hand wash or gentle cycle
–Industrial strength stitching
–Air dry
–Reinforced handles

Code Desc. Type Price Qty
3-RPG12 Grey Root Pouch 12L 26cm x 22cm $2.00
3-RPG16 Grey Root Pouch 16L with handles 28cm x 26cm $2.90
3-RPG22 Grey Root Pouch 22L with handles 29cm x 36cm $3.10
3-RPG3.8 Grey Root Pouch 3.8L 15cm x 19cm $1.10
3-RPG30 Grey Root Pouch 30L with handles 35cm x 30cm $3.75
3-RPG39 Grey Root Pouch 39L with handles 40cm x 30cm $4.55
3-RPG45 Grey Root Pouch 45L with handles 38cm x 40 $5.55
3-RPG8 Grey Root Pouch 8L 21cm x 21cm $1.55